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About OneSMP

OneSMP is an ASEAN based accounting and business advisory group dedicated to serving SMEs around the world wanting to do business in Asia. ASEAN is the Association of South-East Asian Nations and consists: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand,Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Lao PDR & Myanmar

Southeast Asia is the ideal location for global entrepreneurs looking to tap into the Asian growth phenomenon. Looking to set up your Asian HQ? OneSMP is the perfect choice to help you.


OneSMP Services

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International Tax Planning

We will help you plan and implement tax-saving measures without the risk of non-compliance

Business Consultancy

We will provide you intelligent business insights and help you formulate strategic plans to grow your business

Accounting and Reporting

We will help you maintain your books in order to get timely and accurate overview of your cash

Corporate Establishment

We will help you understand the complex business structures and laws in the ASEAN country where you want to start a business in

Strategic Planning

We will help you develop and implement specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound strategic plans


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